Cycling Caps

> Cycling Caps
Put yourself in peak position. A cycling cap provides the ultimate temperature regulation for your head when you’re up against summer and winter challenges. Go peak-down for cover against the elements, and peak up when you’re tackling a hill and taking in the view. Made in Italy and designed in our signature fit with iconic MAAP colour palettes, and coordinated with this season’s jerseys so that choosing your kit is a breeze.

> Contemporary men’s & women’s cycling caps
When the ride heats up, it pays to keep a cool head.  Keep the air flowing under the summer sun with moisture wicking caps fitted with an antibacterial internal sweatband, made to prevent dripping sweat. MAAP cycling caps are lightweight so your head feels cooler on hot days, and snug when the temperature drops. For off-the-bike adventures, get set in MAAP’s commuter cycling beanies and Arrivals Alt_Rd Caps.

Bike caps offer a subtle nod to old-school cyclist style, updated with MAAP contemporary designs for Euro-cool styling. We think of it as one of those fashion statements you’ll only ever see travelling on two wheels - because doing things our own way is what being a cyclist is all about. Whether you’re peak-up or peak-down, MAAP cycling caps are Made for every head with an elastic fastener for a tailored, comfortable fit.

> Keep cool and stay in control
Men’s and women’s cycling caps that go beyond delivering the finishing touch to your kit. They provide a protective barrier between your head and helmet, and stop bugs from making a dive for your scalp. For more accessories that merge fashion and function, check out MAAP cycling gloves, cycling socks, bottlesand frame bags.

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