Cycling Accessories

> Cycling Accessories

Whether you’re rolling with friends or racing to the front, dip into the latest launch of cycling clothing accessories featuring cycling socks, gloves, leg and arm warmers, shoe covers, caps and bottles. The right gear can mean the difference between calling it a day and redefining your potential, and this curated mix is designed for those who plan to ride all year round.

> Cycling clothing accessories exclusive to MAAP

There’s no such thing as bad weather. Preparation is the key to moving all year round - because getting outside despite the challenges is what we do. Customise your ride with the latest curation of cycling clothing accessories, featuring cycling gloves, shoe covers, cycling arm warmers, hats, sunglasses and water bottles (or is that bidons?). Designed to take your ride to the next level with added comfort, no matter the conditions.

> High-performance cycling clothing accessories

High-performance cycling clothing accessories form the foundation of any successful journey, and we’ve got you covered from top to toe. Get ahead with everything from MAAP cycling caps that merge old-school fashion statements with new-era technology, down to breathable socks that keep your feet fresh under pressure. 

Cycling warmers adapt your kit to shifty temps, while gloves like the Pro Race Mitt give you a superior grip on the challenge ahead. Our entire range of cycling clothing accessories has been curated with style, comfort and performance in mind - all the way down to squeezable water bottles and hard wearing cycling shoe covers.

Lead the bunch in our new season styles, defined by iconic MAAP colourways and driven by the demands of you, the rider. Perfectly paired with the latest drop of jerseys.

> Get up and go

There’s no reward in hitting the snooze button. With the right gear - from cycling socks to gloves and everything in between - you can get up and go knowing nothing can disrupt your ride. It’s time to redefine your purpose and push the boundaries of what you can achieve.

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