Cycling Sunglasses

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>Cycling Sunglasses
Introducing the MAAP x 100% Glendale sunglasses with HiPER lenses—designed to turn the volume up on colour and contrast so that no detail is missed. Pairing together lightweight, durable frames with premium lens technology for a radical collision of style and clear vision, 100% of the time. Get a closer look at the future, where timeless style meets innovative eye protection technology.

>The road to our best cycling sunglasses
The collaboration between MAAP and 100% has evolved again, resulting in our best road cycling sunglasses yet - focused on the pinnacle of performance. Introducing the exclusive MAAP x 100% Glendale glasses in blue and coral, with a 5-base cylindrical shield lens for increased peripheral view so you can take it all in while your eyes focus on the road ahead. Taking it up a level with cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, this range is designed to adapt as the sun comes up and glare takes a jump. With UV protection and a wraparound shape that stops rain spray from every angle, nothing will catch you out. Designed to block bugs, sand, gravel and tear-inducing winds. And with a shatter-proof frame and scratch-resistant coating, MAAP cycling sunglasses are built to last.

>Take a pro’s point of view
Cycling accessories are integral to eliminate distractions and keep both eyes on the road ahead. We’ve engineered sunglasses with the grip to stay in place however much you sweat, and cycling gloves that deliver maximum contact and control in the midst of a challenge.

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