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With a focus on performance, MAAP cycling jerseys feature our most advanced material innovation and construction, combined with our signature design aesthetic. Available in our trademark fits including Pro Fit for a race-oriented closer fit that intuitively moulds to your body, and Team Fit for a classic and sleek profile.

Every cycling jersey online at MAAP is true to the cycling experience, coming into its own during long rides - even if you get drenched by rain or sun.

> The best cycling jerseys don’t stop until you do

Be ready to perform at your peak. Exceptional comfort and aero fit mean your cycling jersey stays close even through breezy mornings, and UV ray protection and ultra-breathable fabric deliver the confidence to take on extreme heat conditions. So you don’t need to choose between keeping cool on the inside and looking good on the outside. Introduce a new standard of comfort and durability to your adventure, with summer and winter cycling jerseys that keep going ride after ride. From the best short sleeve cycling jerseys for casual rides with friends in a team fit, through to our race fit for high-intensity rides, MAAP jerseys elevate performance for every cyclist in every environment.

> Anti-sag, anti-sweat, pro-performance

Every cycling jersey in the MAAP range is engineered with a quality that reflects our knowledge of the ride. A bit of extra length in the back here, some moisture-wicking fabric there. You catch our drift. For more, check out our women’s cycling jerseys and cover up with long sleeve cycling jerseys.

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