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> Cycling Jackets

When the temperatures won’t keep still, preparation is the difference between going home and getting ahead. Our cycling jackets are engineered to block out the wind and rain so you can focus on your ride, with the perfect amount of stretch for your freedom of movement. We’ve mastered the balance between look and performance; MAAP winter cycling jackets are tough enough to keep elements at bay when you’re exploring new boundaries, with urban styling that redefines what it means to be a cyclist.

> Waterproof cycling jackets that don’t let up

When it’s time to escape, a winter cycling jacket becomes your training partner through the depths of the seasons. There for you when doubt sets in and the snooze button looks tempting, this is the high-performance range you can depend on ride after ride. Tougher than most because the weather doesn’t always play nice, our Ascend Pro Rain Jacket is the ultimate thermal windproof cycling jacket, with an exceptional 45K waterproof rating and 100% windproof protection. The Prime Stow Jacket is our latest lightweight packable cycling jacket - it’s the one you grab when conditions are against you, and then stow when the mercury rises. The next generation Apex Winter Jacket is our warmest yet, enhanced by breathable membranes that allow sweat to escape and prevent overheating.

> When winter comes knocking, open the door…

Our new season head turners look good on and off the bike. From cycling bib tights that keep you moving through the cold, down to our cycling gloves with advanced palm technology, taking on the elements becomes second nature.

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