Cycling Gloves

> Cycling Gloves

We ride into our next adventure hands-first. So while you’re gripping the handlebars and facing whatever the season sprays at you, make sure you’re equipped with the protection you need to guide your ride.

Cycling gloves are an essential part of any kit. But MAAP takes it further than the standard winter cycling glove when temperatures take a dive. This five-fingered collection is designed to keep you comfortable all year round. 

> What’s behind the best cycling gloves

Incorporating superior palm grip fabric for maximum contact and control, as well as breathable cushioning to reduce road vibration using the same cutting-edge technology we use on our chamois, it might be time to get your hands on some truly high-performance gloves.

> Complete your cold weather kit

Wind, rain and hail are no reasons to hang up our wheels. Being prepared means not having to stop unless we want to, and MAAP riders know all about getting covered from head to toe. From cold weather gloves for cycling against the elements, to snug arm warmers and warmers for the rest of the body, keeping comfy and looking the part go hand-in-hand. Top it off with more cycling accessories.

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