Training Collection Man

> Men’s Training Collection
For riding with rigor, you need apparel that can keep up. The MAAP men’s training collection is designed for riders willing to put in the work, taking you from high-intensity sprints to the endurance testers. High-stretch, lightweight fabrics prioritize comfort to keep you in the saddle even when motivation is harder to come by, for a collection made to go the distance - however many wears and washes you put it through.

> Train the method with MAAP
With great kit, good training partners and a kick-ass playlist, everything else falls into place. We’ve got the kit covered. Train in premium, pre-dyed Italian fabrics that deliver lasting wear, for training gear that rolls with you through the tough slogs and the moments you realize it was all worth it.

Success starts with setting the method that gets you where you need to be, and then showing up day after day, week after week - even on those mornings you want to stay in bed. When getting into gear feels like a grind, get prepped in our highest-performance cycling vests and t-shirts yet. MAAP bib shorts and bib tights for training are cut in our signature fit for superior comfort, day-in, day-out.

Top it off with premium cycling jerseys that deliver maximum performance through the highs, the lows, the morning coffees and the mid-afternoon protein hits - ready to throw in the wash and go again tomorrow.

> Stick to the plan
From the first day of the training season until the very last, MAAP training apparel stands up to repeated wear, for performance you can depend on. Discover what fuels you and train hard so you can look forward to a well-earned rest day, whether that means having lunch with friends or chilling out on the couch.

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