Cycling Base Layers

> Cycling Base Layers

Tested by the UK’s best riders, a men’s cycling base layer is the all-season essential that fits like a second skin. With a race-oriented cut to skip the bulk and slice the air, a solid base regulates body temperature and manages moisture through every condition. Think featherweight mesh for summer and a cycling thermal base layer for winter, in breathable pieces that eliminate road rash and deliver a level of comfort you’ll never want to ride without.

> Our best cycling base layers yet

A warm weather essential that pairs seamlessly with your short sleeve jerseys and long sleeve cycling jerseys, the Team Base Layer is available in one refined design and multiple colourways. Originally developed for athletes, this cycling base layer for summer wicks sweat to keep smells and moisture under wraps. Team it up with cycling bib tights and get ready to ride.

The cycling base layer is the item that’s with you through it all. Fitting into the story in both hot and cold conditions, its versatility will soon make itself known. When the mercury rises, a sleeveless base layer stays lightweight and breathable to keep you cool. When winter rolls around, our long sleeve Deep Winter Base Layer with soft merino wool lining stays dry and warm, so nothing can disrupt your ride.

Propel forward with cycling base layers for men that value innovation in every detail. With consistent contact between skin and fabric, expect optimal comfort and performance-enhancing qualities - from the constructions that cool you down to the cycling thermals range.

> Style on and off the bike

Engineered with Italian fabrics that are naturally anti-bacterial and odour-resistant, a MAAP cycling base layer looks and feels just as good when you’re on foot. Plug the gaps in your all-season wardrobe with the latest cycling accessories.

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