Welcome to the Atmos Exp. – a series of journeys that became a connected exploration, testing the limits of both body and spirit against the backdrop of nature's wild side.

At each ride, the sky met the road in a communion of elements. Nervous energy. Anticipation. Moments of doubt followed by euphoric achievements. Across scarred asphalt and unsympathetic gravel, in conditions that tested the tenacity of the human spirit, individual ambitions and collective will resulted in experiences and smiles that will last a lifetime.

This is not just a story of miles ridden by different groups in different cities around the world. Instead, a sweet symphony of grit, celebration and euphoria that played out from one ride to the next all connected by the shared sense of achievement that comes with doing something remarkable.

“In true Pacific North West fashion here in Vancouver, it rained for almost the entirety of the 8-hour day. Riders experienced all possible elements as we took on a popular 142KM midsummer route in cold and wet November conditions. The ride was difficult and a true test of character, but the atmosphere and community was incredible.”

- Mark Martone, Vancouver

“Amidst plummeting temperatures and relentless Santa Ana winds, our quest for a challenging ride unfolded. The winds, initially a source of laughter, intensified into gusts, testing our resolve. Venturing onto an abandoned mountain road, the rugged, remote landscape heightened our senses. Every detail mattered—the haribo, pedal strokes, and navigating road ruts became crucial. In the midst of challenges, a cohesive group formed, braving the cold, wind, and changing scenery. As we rolled to the brewery, relief washed over us—a monumental route conquered. Grateful for the LA community's resilience and the shared moments, I reflect, content yet mindful of the arduous journey.”

- Jason Cooz, Los Angeles

“The morning kicked off with coffee before a chilly ride to the trailhead. Climbing Sulphur Mountain and traversing Sisar Canyon to Ventura County's zenith, the day unfolded into a beautiful adventure. Riding with fantastic individuals in this incredible locale created a wonderful experience, characterized by smiles and the joy of navigating dirt trails.”

- Nicole Campbell, Ventura

“In the crisp November chill, over 50 riders joined our Atmos test ride, braving 112 KM of challenging off-road routes along Denmark's east coast. The camaraderie was palpable, with some pushing the limits in sub-zero temperatures while others savored the winter scenery at a leisurely pace. The day concluded at the shop, warming up with hot chocolate, black coffee, and hearty club sandwiches—a perfect ending to an adventurous ride.”

- Ulrich Scheibelein, Copenhangen

"Rolling out of the charming “Clandestino”, we could feel the nervous energy of a diverse group of young messengers, classic roadies, and random enthusiasts. Despite a brisk start on a chilly day, the united group pressed on through forced stops and mechanical glitches. The highlight, Consonno, an abandoned ghost town turned graffiti canvas, captivated us all. The journey concluded with a sunset ride back to Milan, weaving through city lights and traffic jams—an urban encore that I relish after an enthralling day in the saddle."

-Cento Canesio, Milan

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