Likening her process to Archimedes' use of the bathtub for forging new discoveries, our next 'Rolling with:' guest credits cruising on her recently built Standert, navigating her through the lyrical labyrinths of writing and releasing her debut solo EP. The Melbourne local legend, well, local legend of the Melbourne music scene is songstress and musician Phoebe Go.

Despite being an indie stalwart having fronted local acts Snakadaktal and Two People, for Phoebe Go the process of finding her own voice was daunting. In her interview with MAAP she reflected on how the doubtful voice in her head was quietened by the freedom and confidence developed while striking out on her own. Especially during the many lockdowns Melbourne endured, Phoebe found her creativity was unlocked by the physical and mental strength she was building while out riding.

Those days of lockdown are of course long gone, and there's nothing holding her back as the Phoebe Go rocket ship is programmed for launch. With an upcoming European tour (yes she's taking her bike) and the know-how that comes from building her bike through lockdown, Phoebe is a woman not afraid of a challenge and is a woman on a mission. Ready, set, GO.

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“I borrowed my brother's guitar and I think, I became hooked I guess, like this is now the thing that I do.”
"I rode so much during lockdown it was a way for me to get out of the house and get some fresh air obviously…I was overthinking things a lot and it helped me figure it out."
“I think that cycling has helped a lot with my confidence. Being in my body and feeling strong enough to do something has helped me feel stronger and more capable. Even through the process of building my current bike, just sort of taught me that I can figure this out if I put my mind to it. You know there are certain things, particularly that people don’t look to women to be able to do and I think it was nice to prove even myself wrong and be like oh-no this is totally doable”
"Yeah. I figure that if I can take all my gear with me for a tour, I may as well take my bike. Just expense it."