A Journey of Passion: Cycling and Culinary Pursuits.

Pat Drapac's lifelong connection to cycling began at a tender age, as he started racing at the remarkable age of 4. While growing up, he dabbled in various sports but soon discovered his prowess in cycling, which set him apart from his peers. Alongside his love for cycling, he harboured another passion: cooking.

“He loved riding his bike, he was a father, he was a doctor. He still raced and trained and had a real lust for life. Since he passed, I try to not take anything for granted.”

Balancing his cycling training with the demands of everyday life proved to be a challenge for Pat. Despite the hurdles, he became a dominant figure in local cycling, relishing every ride as a testament to his late brother Damion's memory, who served as a constant source of inspiration. Tragedy struck when Damion was involved in a fatal accident, forever altering Pat's life. To honour his brother's legacy, Pat continued cycling, infusing each ride with Damion's spirit.

“My mum tells the story of me not wanting to go to school while being really young and just wanting to stay at home and cook food. “

As Pat progressed through his journey of healing, he discovered that his true joy in cycling lay not in competition but in exploring breathtaking landscapes and savouring the company of like-minded individuals. While his demanding career as a chef left little time for training, he persisted in pursuing both his culinary and cycling passions. With his fiancée, who shares his love for the hospitality industry, Pat plans to embark on a new adventure by moving to Boulder, Colorado, where they can explore the United States and nurture their passions together.

From all of us at MAAP, thank you Pat for sharing your story. Watch Pat's full Rolling With...feature on our YouTube channel here.

Image Credit: Arjun Sohal

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