Life, like cycling, is all about the twists and turns - but enjoying the ride is not necessarily inherent to us all. Shit happens on every journey. Learn to embrace the wrong turn rather than whinge about it. Forge new paths and discover yourself.

Kathrin Schafbauer is a freelance commercial photographer from Bavaria who, at reaching a breaking point of exhaustion, welcomed an opportunity for the new. Kathrin found cycling - or, rather cycling found Kathrin. Capturing this moment delivered freedom from where there was suffering - forging a new career behind the lens in the process.

Introducing “Rolling With:”, the first in a series of videos profiling cyclists within the MAAP community. Those making moves both on and off their bikes. Discovering what fuels them, their love of the bike and how that translates into their everyday life.

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"Normally I like to capture different things - the cyclist and the great movement. The suffering. Or really that you can see the muscles, you can see sweat, you can see emotion."
"What makes me excited is to uncover moments that are not seen by everyone...the hidden little moments and emotions."
"I like to check out the route by bike. This is always the best option because then you know exactly what it looks like, where you can go to shoot, which angles are great. But, sometimes you just have to take it as it comes."
"I’m basically doing what I love - I travel, I take pictures, and I cycle."