May 10, 2021
We all know how it goes - one minute you skip your morning coffee, and the next there's a collection of “jereseys” in production with an additional letter where it shouldn’t be.

And while that's not a typo this time around, it was on our most recent release of Women's Flow Pro Jerseys that launched on Thursday.

You may be wondering, does this impact the quality of the jersey at all? The answer is most definitely not. But whilst this may not appear to be a big deal to some, it can be for others - and we totally understand. 

Here at MAAP HQ, we really value the environment and sustainability. It's deeply rooted at the core of everything we do, with our brand value to "always leave a better planet than the one we inherit." So when we noticed the spelling mistake, we had a few choices to consider.

Hope that no one notices and sweep it under the rug? We could, but we stand behind our designs and knew this wasn’t an option. 

Remove the jersey for sale, destroy the stock and send them to landfill? When there’s nothing wrong with the quality though, this option is not in line with the environmental footprint we want to have as a company.

And last but not least, communicate our mistake to our customers, and figure out the best solution to move forward in a positive way.

Look, sometimes mistakes happen—we’re only human. While we’ll never make mistakes with the quality of our riding apparel, on this occasion a spelling error slipped through the cracks. In line with our core values around transparency and sustainability, we'll happily own it and we’re committed to turning this around for the environment.

With that in mind, we’ve made a donation to nonprofit environmental charity One Tree Planted for 10,000 trees, in support of their global partnership to plant 25 million trees for Australia’s bushfire recovery, one of the country’s largest ever restoration projects. This commitment simultaneously continues our support of the people and places that suffered so badly during the 2020 fires, and the future of the planet.