When you’re chasing alternate paths, you need fabrics that go the distance with you. Adventure begins where the tarmac ends, and from there things can get a little bit bumpy. On big, multi-day rides the opportunity to put on a fresh jersey every morning becomes a luxury. Kit that can withstand a couple of day’s wear at once, get dunked in a river to freshen it up and never lose performance or shape becomes as rare and desirable as a unicorn.

The thrills of riding far away from the beaten path usually come with a few spills. Whether you washed out in a turn, or your sleeve got caught on some thorns as you hike-a-biked your way up a hillside where, “there definitely should be a trail”, fabrics that are resistant to abrasion are worth their weight.

And then there are the temperature extremes. Cold nights and misty early mornings, searing hot marches across midday plains. The Alt_Road throws it all at you. The kit you bring needs to be warm enough to protect you, but pack small enough in your bags so that it doesn’t become a logistical headache when not in use. Likewise, you want fast-drying garments for the peak temperatures.

Every item you take with you needs to do a job, and our Alt_Road collection is built with leading garment technologies that perform in extremes.

Merino, but more

The incredible performance properties of merino wool are well-known; antimicrobial, anti-odour, soft and sustainable, to name a few. Of course, it’s not without its limitations – and that’s where NaturalMatch® comes in, as used in our Alt_Road Jerseys.

This game-changing innovation combines the best of both worlds, giving you the high elasticity and durability of synthetic materials without sacrificing the unparalleled comfort and breathability of merino wool. The external synthetic fabrics that are woven into the merino give it extra strength, and allow it to retain its shape so your clothing doesn’t become baggy. It’s also abrasion resistant, and therefore withstands scuffs better than pure merino on its own.

At MAAP, we take pride in knowing exactly where our materials come from. That's why we exclusively source the premium wool used in our products from Australia and New Zealand, and can even trace it all the way back to the individual farms it was harvested from. This way, we can ensure that our materials meet our high standards of quality and ethical sourcing.

You’ll find NaturalMatch® in the latest long and short-sleeved Alt_Road jerseys, and accompanying Arm Warmers for on-the-go thermo regulation. Merino grants adventurous athletes permission to go beyond the ordinary boundaries, wearing a material that has proven its performance credentials for centuries.

Portable heat

Combining perspiration with insulation has never been a recipe for comfort, because most puffer coats are not designed for breathability. First and foremost, they aim to preserve heat – as anyone who has ridden their bike uphill in a down jacket can tell you.

To balance the heat-retention properties you need for comfort in extremely cold temperatures with the desire to keep cool once your body is working, you need active insulation. Polartec® Alpha® is able to release excess heat when you don’t need it, ensuring you can stay comfortable for longer in the saddle, and not get cold when the group has to stop for the fifth puncture of the day on some thorn-blighted forest trail. We use it in our Alt_Road Vests and Jackets, which are perfect for long multi-day excursions when you’re sleeping under the stars and rising in the chilly early morning. It’s like taking a little bit of the warmth of your sleeping bag along with you for the first few kilometres of the day. 

Keeping it fresh

The third technology you’ll find in the Alt_Road collection is Polartec® Power Dry®. This fast-drying lightweight material is constructed with a hydrophilic interior to pull moisture away from the skin and transfer it to the outer layer. You’ll find the Alt_Road Tee 3.0, made with Power Dry® releases this moisture rapidly, for more efficient dry times. 

On long days in the saddle when you’re covering big distances and riding in the heat of the day, feeling fresh and dry can make as much difference to your morale as that cookie you stashed in your frame pack, or the sight of an air conditioned servo emerging into view.

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