Scottie Cameron’s LA

They say the best way to get to know a city is to have a friend show you around. So let our friend Scottie Cameron show you the best places to eat, bowl and ride in his adopted city. He’s your friend now. Scottie is an Australian photographer, art director and director who has shot campaigns for brands like Apple, Johnnie Walker, New Balance and Adidas. He’s just brought his meticulous eye to his first short film, El Portafolio, which stars Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. But for our purposes, what’s important is that he’s a long-time LA resident and cyclist. And he’s a guy who knows where to find a great cup of coffee. Or even just an ok one with a great view.

Read on for your new friend Scottie’s guide to LA.

1. Honor Bar

You don’t cross over La Cienega Blvd unless it’s for a crappy meeting, but the Chicken Sandwich at The Honor Bar in Beverly Hills is the best in all the land.No reservations, walk in, wait, because people are weak and leave.

122 S Beverly Dr,
Beverly Hills 90212.

2. Braindead Cinema

Art House cinema with a wonderfully varied mix of films. I saw some Kaurismaki on the calendar, so that only reassures you that it’s a great thing.

611 N Fairfax Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90036.

3. New Beverly Cinema

Tarantino’s place. Always on film. Catch a midnight showing of Pulp Fiction, and be glad you did.

7165 Beverly Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90036

4. Musso & Frank

Oldest in Hollywood. The sign doesn’t lie. A wonderful traditional Hollywood dining experience. A true throwback to the days of old. Order a martini, with a side of martini.

6667 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood 90028

5. Petit Trois

Art House cinema with a wonderfully varied mix of films. I saw some Kaurismaki on the calendar, so that only reassures you that it’s a great thing.

718 N Highland Ave,
Los Angeles, 90038

6. The Trails Cafe

The coffee isn’t great to be honest, but the location is wonderful. Right in Griffith Park, the perfect spot for an excuse to have a rest before you climb back up to the observatory with a belly full of cappuccino.

2333 Fern Dell Dr,
Los Angeles 90068

7. Maru Coffee

Good honest cup from people who really care. They roast their own beans and keep that pumpkin spice far far away.

1936 Hillhurst Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

8. Kismet

Neighborhood spot with fresh sharable delights. The Persian crispy rice is a must order. Get two of them in fact.

4648 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles 90027

9. Homestate

For breakfast Tacos. Tex-Mex eggy boys in a lovely flour tortilla. The perfect squish meal.

4624 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles 90027

10. Found Oyster

No reservation walk in, great, honest, simple but smart shellfish party. Almost makes LA feel like a real city, almost.

4880 Fountain Ave,
Los Angeles 90012

11. Dinosaur Coffee

Great Silverlake staple.

4334 Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles 90026

12. Desano Pizza

Pizza tradizionale di Napoli! AKA, that’s a really incredible tomato sauce. 11:30am until out of dough. No substitutions, no half toppings.

4959 Santa Monica Blvd,
Los Angeles 90029

13. Courage Bagel

The line is utter madness, and just keep driving if it’s down the block. But, by chance if you get lucky with the crowds there’s something magic about that courage bagel.

777 N Virgil Ave,
Los Angeles 90029

14. Shatto 39 Lanes

The building must be asymmetric, cause I’m not sure how you end up with 39 bowling lanes? Regardless, Shatto is great. A proper authentic bowling alley with wonderful music playlists, no silly disco lights and a vending machine with socks. You also need to incorporate dinner at The Prince right after, seeing as you’re in the neighborhood.

3255 W 4th St,
Los Angeles 90020

15. Mayday Seafood

The greatest little kitchen in LA where you can order responsibly sourced seafood and produce for delivery or pickup @ Echo Park (1525 Sunset).


16. Lasita

Filipino rotisserie, with great natural wine selection. Feels like Sunday afternoon at Grandmas except you don’t have to do the dishes.

727 N Broadway #120,
Los Angeles 90012

17. Little Tokyo Table Tennis

Tuesday nights at the new big gym Terasaki Budokan. Community driven initiative. Fun friendly environment where you can play a game with anyone. Get humiliated by a pro, or thrash an 11 year old to make yourself feel slightly better.

249 S Los Angeles St,
Los Angeles 90012

18. Kazu Nori
Japanese hand roll. Walk in, sit at the communal bar and they roll them fresh for your food hole. Slightly warm rice, down the hatch.

421 S Main St,
Los Angeles, CA 90013

19. Sonoratown

Casual northern Mexican spot with moreish
mini burritos and vegetables.

208 E 8th St,
Los Angeles, 90014

20. Mariscos Jalisco

Truck parked downtown / east LA on Olympic. Serving up some of the best shrimp avocado tacos you’ll ever have. Zero frills. It’s a must.

3040 E Olympic Blvd,
Los Angeles 90023

21. Griffith Park Ride

If you give it the beans you can really do a number on yourself on the multiple climbs inside Griffith Park. With a few of the roads in there also closed to cars since the wild invention of freeways it’s comforting to do some repeats, then head to the blacktop helipad to realize just how small you are marveling at the endless expanse of LA. Also you can act like Marty McFly or Eddie Valiant as you head down through the Back to the Future 2 / Who Framed Roger Rabbit tunnel, pick whichever leading man you’d like to imagine yourself as.

22. Rose Bowl Ride

Get through the mess of Glendale, head up Chevy Chase drive, whip up Linda Vista and drop down to the Rose Bowl where you’ll either do a couple of cheap laps to get your breath back, or be unable to help yourself by jumping on with a group of juiced up real estate agents looking to beat the land speed record. Once you’re done on the flat, the Art’s Center climb will bring you back over the top where you can make a choice to go home for a Michelada or loop back up Chevy Chase, conquer the three minute challenge up Descanso Drive before heading through Montrose to La Tuna Canyon Rd where a super fun decent awaits you from your final little push up and over. Bit of a boring trundle home from there, but you’ll make it.

23. Hollywood Sign

This one is great for the ‘friends in town’ route. Super nice wozzling about in the Hollywood Hills, looking at some great, and some dubious architecture. Climbing up Mulholland Dr, and Nichols Canyon Rd before finding your way to the closed / but secretly open gate of upper Mulholland Hwy. Some pinchy little corners filled with hiking tourists, but once you get up behind the giant HOLLYWOOD letters, it’s a great time.

24. Mt Wilson Ride

To me, an underestimated climb that just keeps going and going. You forget certain sections from each time you do it, but are duly reminded once you begin again. Was a stage of the Tour of California. You also get slightly insulted on the return home with Chevy Chase Drives little pinches, that don’t seem fair after the 15km’s at 5% grade you just did.

25. Glendora Mountain Rd

AKA GMR - Another wonderful, closed-to-cars road that starts proper in Glendora and climbs all the way up to an undulating ridgetop across to Mt. Baldy. You can do a few little extra down and ups in there, but you’ll be definitely feeling that if you big man it all from LA like a hero.

26. Golden Saddle Cyclery

Silverlake shop with eclectic and varied bikes and bits and pieces. Great for accessories, having a hang, or getting a service.

1618 Lucile Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90026