Fog, rain, mud, heat or dust – none of these elements can stand between Sam Andrews and his drive for racing. Regardless of the conditions, you'll find him out on his bike following his instinct for competition.

While Andrews loves to test his limits on his bike, this year his main focus is going to be fine-tuning the balance in his life between his “passion for bike racing and work in the endurance nutrition industry.” To help him toward this ambition he says he is adopting a more mindful approach. 

“I recognise the importance of taking care of my body and mind,” he continues. “I've decided to incorporate meditation into my routine. By practising this, I am able to quiet my mind and concentrate on the present moment. Something I have never really done before. By taking this small but intentional step, I hope to improve my overall well-being and performance in all areas of my life.”

The Pursuit of Progression means many things, one part of it that is important to Andrews is having trust in the process and being able to enjoy the hard work that goes with it. 

“Bike racing has been an exciting and rewarding journey for me, but I quickly learned the importance of trusting the process and being patient. Fortunately, my driven attitude and natural athletic abilities have helped me achieve great results and improve my technique in a relatively short amount of time."

Future Sam also has a few tidbits of knowledge to pass on to Past Sam.

“Looking back, if I could give myself one piece of advice when starting out, it would be to stay committed to the process and have faith that hard work will pay off in the end. After all, good things come to those who persevere and trust in their abilities.”

Breaking ‘big dreams into bite-sized habits’ is key and Andrews has three main habits to get him closer to his goals, reflection, commitment to movement and keeping an open mind.

“I focus on building small but impactful habits that I can do consistently. One habit I've developed is taking a few minutes each day to reflect on my progress and plan my next steps. This helps me stay organised and focused, and I can adjust my goals and actions as needed. 

“I also make it a priority to move my body every day," he adds. "Whether it's cycling, walking, or stretching. This helps me stay energised and focused throughout the day."

Finally, there's a desire for new inputs to keep things fresh.

“I strive to stay curious and open-minded, always seeking new knowledge and experiences that can help me grow personally and professionally. These habits may seem small, but they have a powerful cumulative effect that can lead to significant progress over time.”

Naturally, with his upbeat attitude, Andrews is excited about the year ahead. 

“It's going to be an adventure, and I'm looking forward to exploring my limits to the fullest extent possible!”

This dedication to a sporting life, combined with his faith in his ability and a positive attitude is a winning formula. Andrews has already been in action at the Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona, with plenty of major gravel events coming up this year including Dirty Reiver in the UK, Unbound in the States and The Rift, Iceland.

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