An Alt_ Apparel Guide to Gravel

Alt_Road™ is about getting out there. Pursuing rides that go beyond the normal. Beyond expectations of your own limitations. Alt_Road™ is freedom at speed on tough terrain. It’s following a small wiggly line on the map for way longer than originally thought. On some maps at least. It’s riding into an uncrossable bridge and improvising with a river crossing. Alt_Road™ means riding all day to eat beans from the can at night under the awning of a gas station, while a summer storm rolls over the horizon.

The Alt_Road™ category is our most adventurous apparel and equipment for chasing alternative paths that are at once technical and unpredictable yet deeply rewarding. It’s meticulously created for everything from all-road to gravel to twisty dirt tracks and beyond – a system you can build up or down for single day rippers or multi-day epics. It’s engineered for going further off-grid than our Road range. Likewise, if our Transit collection is what gets you about town, Alt_Road™ is what you dream about while toiling away at work. With a slim yet comfortable silhouette, you can move freely and layer accordingly for superior performance and protection across any ride and weather.

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Technologies Engineered for Adventure

Our Alt_Road™ collection is well-established and engineered for adventure. Every detail matters. The highest-quality of materials, leading technologies, considered styling – combined in ways that make for incredible off-the-grid performance. Adventure kit should enhance your experience, set your mind free to wander across the landscape, not weigh you down and become a preoccupation. A rub here, an itch there, a pressure point you know where. It all adds up to the low-end, distracting whine of discomfort. Alt_Road™ is designed to eliminate the distractions so you can be immersed in the experience.

So what are these advanced fabrications, engineering and fits we’re talking about, and how do they enhance the adventure?

You’ll find NATURALMATCH® in our Alt_Road™ short and long-sleeve jerseys, and our Alt_Road™ Arm Warmers. These naturally thermoregulating merino fibres are spun with additional synthetic ones, so the rider experiences the luxuriant softness of wool against the skin, plus the additionally resilient performance properties of those machine-made fibres. Merino wool is also naturally antimicrobial and odour-resistant, a useful feature for multi-day adventures into the back of beyond.

Pertex® Equilibrium is a versatile lighter-weight fabric specifically designed for the most dynamic ride and engineered to perform in a wide range of weather conditions. We deploy it in products to give the rider more mobility, with excellent breathability and protection from wind chill.

Polartec® Alpha® is our chosen insulator for cold-weather pieces like the Alt_Road™ Thermal Vest and Alt_Road™ Thermal Jacket. Their impressive heat retention properties make these items ideal for warming up after a night sleeping under the stars or for riding all day when the temperature is hovering around zero°C.

Lastly for fabric tech, we use ARIAPRENE® engineered palm padding for our gloves to enhance the comfort and control you feel when wearing them on the roughest tracks and trails. When you hit the next river crossing or the weather takes a turn, the durable water repellent coating will keep you dry while the AX Suede anti-slip palm ensures you're always in control.

A Fit & Layering System for Freedom of Movement

And importantly, the Alt_Road fit and layering system is intentionally designed to enhance your freedom of movement and enable you to pair several pieces together for optimum performance and protection across varying terrain and weather conditions, whether it’s an hour hit out in the backyard or a multi-day epic. The fit is slim yet comfortable. It's not a race cut; it's a more relaxed riding cut for chill corn dogging in the plains or crushing kms to get to the pub before dark. You can pack efficiently and layer up or down to ride through whatever the day tosses your way. The Alt_Road™ Bib Liner and Overshort come together to offer friction-free comfort and enhanced storage when pushing big days on the bike with the Alt_Road™ tech tee or zip tech tee on top either over a baselayer or Alt_Road™ short or long sleeve jersey depending on the temperature. And if wind or rain are in the forecast, the lightweight and stashable Alt_Road Jacket and Vest, slide over the core layers perfectly for added protection. Designed for adventure riding yet fit for a beer at the pub after a long day in the saddle.

How to wear it: Getting your Alt_Road™ layering right

NEW Alt_Road™ Liner Bib and Overshort:

Friction-Free Freedom

The Alt_Road™ Liner Bib and Alt_Road™ Overshort are the perfect trail companions, intended to be worn together for a synced-up comfortable fit, with a relaxed, looser silhouette. One of the things riders loved most about our original Alt_Road™ Cargo Bib was the easy-access extra storage from the two cargo pockets on the legs. When you’re wearing an Alt_Road™ Overshort you don’t have that same capacity, so we had to get creative. The Alt_Road™ Liner Bib features a layered rear 3-way pocket system, packing incredible storage space into a small amount of real estate. The pockets sit stacked on one another, with the central stash pocket suitable for bulkier items like spare gilet or jacket, and the two side-access pockets keep essentials in place with zippers. The Liner Bib is also made with lightweight mesh on the legs for enhanced breathability when picking up the pace or facing mild to hotter conditions.

The Alt_Road™ Overshort, is intended to be worn on top of the Liner Bib, hitting that sweet spot between on-the-bike function and off-the-bike sharpness. Tough ripstop fabrics meet four-way stretch for comfort, plus an ergonomic waistband that balances wearability out of the saddle with reliable positioning that won’t ride up or chafe when you’re pedalling. Stash pockets on either side add even more extra quick-access carrying capacity.

NEW Alt_Road™ Wind Jacket and Vest: 

Lightweight, Stashable Mobility

Our advanced, lighter jacket and vest options, executed in Pertex® Equilibrium. Both of these new pieces to the Alt_RoadTM line up are ideal for wearing over a jersey or tech tee. The slimmer yet still comfortable fit is an intentionally developed silhouette for improved layering while riding and comfort off-bike when recharging at the pub. The Alt_Road™ Wind Jacket is a shell to keep you protected from the cold air while remaining super mobile. The side pockets make the silhouette more casual – so it still looks good when you pause pedalling – and the cinch waist lets you fine-tune the fit to tackle cross and headwinds. The Alt_Road™ Wind Vest version offers the same technical performance without sleeves, giving your torso a little extra coverage if you need it in changeable conditions or when you rolling at dawn or dusk. Perfect for getting warmed up at the start of a ride, quick and simple layering up or down, or driving into the wind.

NEW Alt_Road™ Tech Tee:

Ultimate Utility, Ultimate Comfort

As part of the collection update, we revamped the Alt_Road™ Tech Tee with a new base fabric, a lightweight 100% polyester which is super airy and cooling. Like a frozen daiquiri you can wear. A mainstay of the Alt_Road™ range, the new construction continues that fine tradition of wearability off-bike, not to mention for virtually any kind of gravel exploit. We also added a zippered stash pocket for your valuables or snacks on the side, elevating the functionality further.

NEW Alt_Road™ Zip Tee:

Unzip it and Rip It

Experience the best of both worlds; The Alt_Road™ Zip Tee combines the comfort of a tech tee with the extra ventilation afforded by a zip-front jersey. Great for riding in the heat when worn as the top-layer of your kit, but can also be used comfortably underneath a jacket or vest in cooler climes. A stash pocket on the rear right amps up the versatility for those essentials like a much-needed energy gel. Depending on the temperature, wear over a base layer or a classic Alt_Road™ short sleeve or long sleeve jersey

Alt_Road™ Returning Favourites:

New seasonal colours for Chasing Alternative Paths

As well as the new pieces and upgrades, we’ve got the key items you love most from Alt_Road™ in refreshed palettes. New season, new colourways, new mindset.

Alt_Road™ Jerseys: 

Merino Magic

A tough, multi-faceted performance piece born for the rigours of demanding all-road and gravel days on the bike, the Alt_Road™ Jersey comes in both short and long-sleeved silhouettes. Made with NATURALMATCH®, a blend of merino wool and machine-made fibres, the jerseys manage to feel cool, fast-wicking and soft, while also being super-durable and naturally odour-resistant. Perfect for long days in the saddle or keeping you fresh on bikepacking multi-day epics. Believe us when we tell you this jersey can do anything.

Alt_Road™ Cargo Bib:

Cargos with Killer Capacity

Supremely comfortable and abrasion-resistant, even when you’re rolling on the most wild terrains, the smart design of the Alt_Road™ Cargo Bib unlocks a bunch of different outfit options. The comprehensive storage lets you go without a traditional jersey and just throw on a tech tee – or maybe even your favourite floral print button-down (better if you wear the tech tee). There are two leg pockets (one of which zips up for extra security), as well as two pockets on the back panel. The pad is MAAP’s own proprietary 3D triple-layer thermo-moulded design and it feels incredible to ride on. From gravel racing to weekends away with the crew, the high airflow back mesh offers maximum breathability for when the tempo or temperature rises.

Alt_Road™ Thermal Jacket and Vest:

Polartec® Powered Protection

Designed for cold weather, the Alt_Road™ Thermal Vest and Alt_Road™ Thermal Jacket [insert link when ready] are expertly crafted pieces for extending the range of conditions you can comfortably contend with. Featuring Polartec® Alpha® insulation, these pieces offer essential warmth, ideal for frosty morning rides after camping or exploring in near-zero°C temperatures. The linings of both garments are left exposed, giving a soft, comfortable and warm feeling. Like watching Paddington 2.  

Alt_Road™ Lightweight Anorak:

Zero Worries When Wet

A waterproof cycling jacket that’s styled to look great wherever you wear it, from the backwoods to the bar, the savannah to the servo. The Alt_Road™ Lightweight Anorak deploys a Dry-Tex outer shell material together with taped seams, allowing it to consistently keep out the rain, mud and wind – perfect for those wet and wild rides in shoulder seasons. The main front pocket provides ample storage space and zips up at both ends to create a sealed protective pouch, while the smaller flap pocket can be used to chuck smaller items like a phone in. The Alt_Road™ Lightweight Anorak works well worn over a jersey, or can be rolled up and stashed in a bag or on your person as a precaution against surprise storms. 

Alternative Accessories:

Details That Make the Difference

The accessories for Alt_Road™ are more stacked than ever before. The Alt_Road™ Glove uses ARIAPRENE® engineered palm padding to deliver all-day comfort, no matter the path, while the Alt_Road™ Merino Beanie is the perfect item to pull on around the campfire or when the mercury drops. Also making use of the marvellous properties of natural wool, the Alt_Road™ Merino Space Dye Socks and Alt_Road™ Merino Arm Warmers offer excellent thermo-regulation properties and soft-touch comfort.

For riding under the heat of the sun, the Alt_Road™ Legionnaires Cap provides exemplary protection with its roll down neck flap. It’s also moisture-wicking for getting the sweat away from your head, and features micro-perforations for added cooling.

Whether the weather’s hot or cold, you won’t regret bringing the Alt_Road™ Chromatek Bottle along for the ride. It’s an insulated bidon with a Chromatek™ lining that keeps liquids inside cool or warm – depending what you put in it – and has also been treated with purist technology to fight off funky tasting water. 

The New Alt_Road™ Collection:

Chase Alternative Paths

In the Alt_Road™ range, there’s something for every alternative path you chase. This is a full spectrum of styles that will have your back in almost any situation the terrain or weather might throw at you – whether you’re rolling under the sun across the Great Plains of the USA, pressing on through seasonal rainstorms in Southeast Asia, or spinning round the local gravel loop with some buddies. Wherever you are, time to go all out.

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