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> Cycling Jerseys

Move your ride to the intersection of sustainability and performance. Every MAAP cycling jersey features advanced materials and our signature design aesthetic. Engineered to keep you dry, comfortable and protected all year round, finding that sweet spot starts with a jersey that contours to your torso like a glove. Tested to meet the demands of sharp sprints and long rides in every condition imaginable.

> The best cycling jerseys don’t stop until you do

Be ready to perform at your peak. Exceptional comfort and an aero fit mean your cycling jersey stays close even through breezy mornings, plus UV ray protection and ultra-breathable fabrics deliver the confidence to take on extreme heat conditions. That means you don’t need to choose between keeping cool on the inside and looking good on the outside.

Introduce a new standard of comfort and durability to your adventure, with short and long sleeve cycling jerseys, and cycling vests, that keep going ride after ride.

From casual rides with friends through to racing and high-intensity training, MAAP cycling jerseys elevate performance for every cyclist in every environment. Explore the iconic Evade Pro, Stealth Race Fit and merino Alt_Road Jersey that goes everywhere with you.

> Anti-sag, anti-sweat, pro-performance

Every cycling jersey in the MAAP range is crafted with a quality that reflects our knowledge of the ride. A bit of extra length in the back here, some moisture-wicking fabric there. You catch our drift. Pair them with cycling base layers and bib tights for coverage you can count on.

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