Cycling Bottles

> Cycling Water Bottles
Ergonomically designed for slip-free comfort, MAAP’s newest cycling bottles are complete with a squeezable body and leak-proof cap. With the capacity to keep you hydrated even when you’re deep into the journey and off the beaten track, this collection is made to hold up in every condition. Explore the latest colourways in recyclable plastic bottles that do their part for you and the planet.

> Keep your cool with an all-new cycling bottle
Sweating your way up a climb calls for cool refreshment. A water bottle, sometimes referred to as a bidon, for cycling is more than just a vessel; it’s an essential part of your ride that keeps water cool during long hours in the saddle. Get warm-weather ready with cycling caps, sunglasses and other essential accessories.

The MAAP line-up of cycling water bottles is free of BPA and phthalates, meaning your drink won’t taste like plastic. Our latest range features the Core, Outline, Emblem and Evade Bottle. Topped off with a membrane lid that can be twisted open and closed with one hand for accessibility, bottles use a jet style valve that distributes liquid evenly where you want it to go. An ergonomic design and easy to squeeze, soft plastic means you won’t have to stop for anything. We’re always looking to the future, so our bidons are made to endure years of wear, but are crafted from recyclable plastic when the time for a replacement does arrive.

> Complete your kit
The humble cycling water bottle gets a cosmetic upgrade with MAAP graphics and contrasting colourways, for a premium range that looks great and functions even better. We’re bringing more in-the-saddle style with cycling gloves and socks, with musette bags and frame bags to carry your performance everywhere you go.

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