>Men’s Recycled Cycling Gear
Taking the route to a more sustainable future, MAAP continues to explore ways we can protect the world we ride in. That means taking a climate-first approach throughout the product lifecycle - from where we source raw materials to the manufacturing process, and what happens at the end of a product’s lifespan. A key part of this commitment sees us recycle cycling clothing to construct the next generation of pieces with minimal impact on the planet.

>Recycled cycling jerseys
Just as the greatest stories are passed on over time, we strive to create cycling gear that goes the distance. The MAAP line-up of recycled cycling jerseys started out as recycled plastic and fibres, which we turned into yarns that make up the majority of the premium fabric we wear today.
Engineered into premium performance fabric that lasts even under heavy use, we’re consciously putting out less waste into the environment - and we’re working on doing better each day. What started out as one recycled cycling jersey, has turned into a commitment that underpins every move we make. Ultimately, our goal is to create 100% of our on-bike apparel from recycled yarns.
This goal extends to how we package our products, too. Right now, 100% of our shipping satchels are recyclable, and 100% of our sock product packaging bags are compostable. By 2022, we aim to package all of our products in compostable bags. MAAP kit also is made from Bluesign® approved fabric, which means the chemicals and processes used are safe for people and the planet we live on.

>Our people, our partners, our planet
We do what we can to protect the places we ride, and the people we ride with. That means ensuring that every person involved in making MAAP products, from the textile mills to our retail stores, feels safe, healthy and supported. MAAP only partners with factories and suppliers that meet the highest standards in quality manufacturing, Bluesign®-approved fabrics, international human rights, environmental certifications, and working conditions.

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