Deep Winter Man

>Winter Cycling Gear
It’s tempting to lock up your bike until the sun shows up, but don’t let rough weather get in the way of the sport you love. Winter cycling gear helps us attack our goals all year round, because cold, crisp mornings are worth getting out of bed for.

>Expect more from your winter cycling clothes
A chill in the air is the perfect starting-off point. The adventure itself will heat you up to comfort and this year, we’re not letting shivers, snow or rain showers stop us. It’s no big secret that the trick to staying warm on winter rides is layering, so introduce multiple lines of defence against the elements and just get moving.

Your extremities cop the cold first, and numb hands and feet pretty much mean ride over. Get ahead with cycling overshoes and moisture-wicking cycling gloves that don’t compromise your dexterity. The Apex Deep Winter Glove introduces the highest level of thermal performance and enhanced insulation, making them the perfect winter cycling gloves when you’re training down under.

Up top, think thermal base layers, winter cycling jerseys, cycling jackets and bib tights. The Prime Jacket might be the ideal winter cycling jacket, finding the sweet spot between breathability and keeping you warm and dry when the temperature gets restless.  

>No surrender
Let the empty roads be your ultimate reward this winter. Getting ahead of the bunch starts with your winter cycling clothes, so shop long-sleeve cycling jerseys, cycling base layers, oversocks and cycling accessories at MAAP. Now even fair-weather riders won’t be able to think up an excuse.

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