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> Cycling Neck Warmers

When you’re chasing the next adventure, cycling neck warmers are a key part of your winter kit. Perfect for training in cold weather conditions, this range is engineered with lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you warm, dry and comfortable as you ride through the elements. Pull it up over your face to shield against whatever the journey throws at you. Hail, wind, mud, grit and bugs. Cycling neck warmers are made to get dirty so you don’t have to.

> The best cycling neck warmer is right here

We’ve made the best cycling neck warmer a reality from the inside-out. Designed with stretch in mind, an internal fleece fabric liner provides warmth and comfort without overheating. Tough enough for training through the intensities of winter, MAAP unisex cycling neck warmers seal the gap between your neck and the top of your jacket to ensure there’s no space for a cold wind to disrupt your performance. The ideal complement to your kit; rich colourways and a reflective graphic make it easy to spot a MAAP cyclist. And when the look, feel and fit work together like this, nothing could make you cut your ride short. Made to extend the year-round use of your kit, cycling warmers are easy to slip on when you need them, and pocketable when you don’t. For more ways to propel you forward in the cold, cycling arm warmers and knee warmers make the perfect companions.

> Don’t let the weather become an excuse

Because it’s better outside. Keep riding when conditions shift with stowable cycling neck warmers that get you ready for everything from a light breeze to complete frost.

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