Cycling Bib Tights


> Cycling Bib Tights

With the performance potential to take pro rides into winter, MAAP cycling bib tights deliver the support you need to ride into your next challenge in style. Cold conditions call for maximum protection against the elements. Whether you’re taking on sub-zero temperatures or you just refuse to hang up your bike during winter, our cold weather essentials have got you covered.

> Keep moving with our best cycling bib tights

When winter comes knocking, keeping warm and looking cool becomes a priority. Our men’s cycling bib tights are shaped by classic MAAP features - from wide brace straps for comfort and reflective logo transfers for safety. Paired with high-density chamois for comfort that pushes the boundaries of endurance, form-fitting bib tights provide the support you need to keep moving. Our Apex Deep Winter Tights deliver breathability and thermal regulation in fabrics that guard against wind and rain. Team Thermal Bib Tights are engineered with thermal and compressive materials to trap in warmth, and are treated with a water-resistant coating to keep you dry. Whichever you wear, you’ll be prepared for whatever is waiting for you outside the door. Whether you’re taking to the snow or the gravel, take it to the next level.

> Complete your winter kit

Keep the momentum going despite shifty weather. Cycling base layers are the perfect training partner for your men’s cycling bib tights and bib shorts. Expert kit on-hand for every season means more reasons to ride with Mother Nature.

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