Our all new Pro Bib Short elevates our signature bib short fit, with a selection of advanced fabrics across our updated paneled construction, reducing weight, minimising bulk andincreasing breathability for a form fitting bib short that peaks when you do, under maximum effort. 

Ergonomically Engineered Chamois.

Reflecting modern day saddle technology, our proprietary chamois padding and silhouette is custom engineered to reduce pressure at key saddle contact points for greater comfort and performance.

Chamois perforation

Strategically placed laser cut perforation provides improved air exchange and flow in key areas during hot days and maximum efforts.

Dual-density padding

Smart padding distribution across key pressure areas reduces vibrations from the saddle and road and alleviates pressure on your back through the seat.

Chamois silhouette

Constructed to mirror the silhouette of the saddle for a true saddle-to-chamois alignment that adapts and molds to your movements while riding.

Soft-touch microfiber

Our soft-touch microfiber lining creates a uniform surface across the entire chamois for smooth contact across the entire ride.

Matching the footprint of the current ergonomic saddle and the anatomical constructs of the human body was the number one goal in chamois development. Doing so provides substantial improvement to ride quality and caters to the biomechanical demands of modern-day cycling.

Ken Ballhause, Sports Scientist and Founder of Adaptive Human Performance