If you are lucky enough to start the ride in sunshine, a rain jacket in your jersey pocket is still a necessity. It’s common to experience four seasons of weather in the same ride in Iceland. No matter which direction your ride is going to take you, be prepared to get smashed by the wind as it tests your riding credentials. The weather can be the major factor in how long your ride will last; but, if you can ignore the harsh conditions and focus on the beautiful scenery, you’ll clock up plenty of epic kilometres.

The first 50 riders that register for the ride will receive a free limited-edition and Reykjavik-specific cap.

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Sunday 12th, August | 8am - 12pm


Total distance: 90.81km | Elevation gain: 1,322m

Meet for coffee at Kría´s new location in Skeifan around 8am before we all roll out together at 8.30am. We’ll roll out easy to the outskirts of Reykjavik before starting the undulating road up to the volcanic hills of Nesavellir, culminating in a nasty 18% kick to the summit. At the top, we’ll prep for the gravel strewn descent to Þingvallvatn for a special coffee treat. The lumpy road home alongside the lake will test the legs before blasting back to Reykjavik. Let’s hope the wind is going in the right direction!

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