Riding the long scenic climbs of the Victorian Alpine region is attainable with only a few hours spent in the car from Melbourne. Switchbacks, mountain vistas, steep grades, it’s a magnet for off-season pros and the perfect training ground for mountain goats or us mere mortals.

It’s the variety, length and quality of these climbs that keeps us coming back season after season to test form & chase new goals.

6 Months, 7 Peaks

7 Peaks is back for the 13th season and is the at-your-own pace climbing challenge curated by our friends at Ride High Country. It encapsulates seven of the tallest peaks in Victoria, taking in some of the most spectacular cycling roads in the country. Now is the perfect time to plan your challenge, you’ve got 6 months to conquer all 7 peaks.

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Complete all 7 Peaks before the 27 April 2020 cut off to be eligible
to purchase the exclusive MAAP x 7 Peaks champions jersey.

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