Introducing MAAP Embro

Riley Wolff

We’re stoked to introduce our very own winter embro blend in collaboration with New England brand Mad Alchemy.

While we don’t get the snowfall of some other parts of the world, our home city of Melbourne does get bitterly cold in winter, however we can’t let that get in the way of a ride or race.

While warmers and a good base layer will always be the best defence in the coldest weather, embrocation has an important role in some situations. For cyclocross racers it’s a must have on the start line (where leg warmers are impractical), and it’s also great for road riding in wet or muddy conditions where warmers would eventually absorb water.

When we started looking around for the best embro we knew a natural product was the only option for us, and Mad Alchemy is the brand that we feel we connect with and have a lot in common with.

“The reason I started Mad Alchemy was to create great products with great people.  We live to share our craft with the world and I think we have crushed it with the latest MAAP / MA collaboration.” - Pete Smith, founder of Mad Alchemy.  

“All of our products are handcrafted, in-house, by a team of two.  We create product in small batches using only the finest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.   This allows us total control over the production process guaranteeing our embrocations, chamois creams and soaps are the best you'll ever use.”

When creating the MAAP embro we opted for a Vanilla-Cardamom blend in a medium heat. Vanilla is a small nod to our work with Portland based frame builder The Vanilla Workshop, and cardamom was chosen because it smells great. 

There are a couple of general rules to be followed for the application and removal of embro.


  • Always put your bibs on before you apply embro to your legs
  • Wear rubber gloves when applying to avoid any residual embro finding its way to your face/bidon/handlebars
  • Keep it away from light coloured clothing as it may leave a mark. Roll up your bibs and roll down your socks to apply.
  • Traditionally applied to the legs, it can also be used on your lower back or shoulder blades if you suffer from discomfort in those areas.


  • For best results, thoroughly scrub the area with a damp cloth or baby wipes.
  • Repeat the above step.
  • Showering will likely cause a hot sensation and amplify the effects of embro, and this can be unpleasant. If you are unable to remove all embro before showering, start with the water at a cooler temperature than you would normally use.
  • After your shower, enjoy the residual glow your embro may provide for a few hours.

You can shop the MAAP embro here